Recently, a new app popped-up in Google Play Store, an app called Nanu. The main purpose of this little app is to allow user to make free calls on their mobile phones. We get to know that for the moment Nanu works just for Android phones, but soon, it will be available for iOS and Windows Phone too.



Unlike Skype or Viber, this app doesn’t need a fast network, working on a 2G network. This means that you can use it anywhere where you have network available. Also, this app comes with a great feature, it’s free to use and includes calls to non-nanu phones like landlines and mobiles.

Looking at the way this app works, it seems that behind the free calls stays a unintrusive short ad on top of the ringtone. So while we’re trying to call someone through Nanu we’ll have to listen a short ad before. While the calls from Nanu to Nanu are unlimited, the calls to a non-nano device are limited to just 15 minutes (for first 1 million users). You can find out more here, or you can download the app from Play Store.


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