After last year we saw a Samsung patent that revealed a three-sided smartphone concept, now, trough the guys from Zdnet we find out that a device like this is already in tests, a smartphone called to be revolutionary.


Being still a prototype, it means that this device won’t be showing soon on the market. Yet, there’s still a chance that this one to be demoed during IFA 2014 show that will take place in Berlin in this September. As you may know, since the launch of the Galaxy Round, a smartphone with curved display, we haven’t see anything spectacular.

But this thing can change sometime soon, as Samsung tests innovative ideas like this three-sided display that once installed on a device will eliminate bezels and all the buttons found on the sides of the phone. In case of such a phone, we expect that the buttons to be placed on the back of the device, just like LG is doing with its latest flagship named LG G3.