After in 2012, Apple received a patent for a invention called 3D Imaging Camera for iOS devices, a few days ago the American giant received another patent application from the US Patent & Trademark Office that reveals a 3D feature for manipulating mobile device imagery in a 3D space on future products.



This new invention by Apple can involve a mobile device that includes a touchscreen display that presents an image of a 3D object that can be manipulated. By using touch gestures, the users will be able to operate the mobile device in a special mode in which physical titling of the mobile device about physical spatial axes causes the mobile device to adjust the presentation of the 3D  image found on the display.

As you can see in the pictures above, we’ll be able to manipulate 3D objects right on our devices once this technology gets implemented by Apple. It remains to see when Apple will release such a device on the market, supposing the fact that a device like this should pack a 3D camera system.


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