The folks of SquareTrade have started testing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge using a vice mechanism of sorts, to see just how bendable it is. They compared it to the iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC One M9 and the results will probably not be to the liking of Samsung fans.

bend test galaxy s6 edge

The iPhone 6 Plus bend point is when 49.89 kg of force are applied by the vice, while the breaking point is at 81.19 kg. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 Edge starts bending at 49.89 KG, just like the iPhone 6 Plus, but its glass edge cracks fast and may fill your pockets with glass. Also, its catastrophic failure point is at 67.58 kg of force applied.

Meanwhile, the HTC One M9 starts bending with a bit more force applied, at 54.43 kg and also stops functioning at the same time, since its On/Off buttons doesn’t work anymore. This means that on paper the Galaxy S6 Edge is a bit more fragile than the iPhone 6 Plus. I have to admit I’ve used one and didn’t feel any fragility in its build… but this test makes it seem serious.


  • jasonlowr

    I am actually happy for samsung, the whole “bendgate” thing will
    definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. haha 😀

  • Nathillien

    The iPhone 6 bent because of the flawed design around the volume button. That’s why all the tests done with the machine bending them in the middle are ultimately flawed. In everyday (but extreme) use the forces on the phone will be applied on every point of the phone and the phone will be affected the most at the weakest point. How much force iPhone 6 can withhold at its weakest point? Luckily for us the Computer Bild magazine did just that:


    So 30 kg of force, while Galaxy S6 can hold 50kg. Which is almost double.
    That is why even kids could bend the iPhone in the Apple Store and that is what the bent tests through the middle of the phone couldn’t explain. On one hand the bend test is equivalent as bending 4 pencils and on the other kids could bend it with few tries.

    So yes, it was completely appropriate by Samsung to respond on that issue because Galaxy S6 actually doesn’t bend not nearly as much as iPhone 6.