We know that the Samsung Galaxy S III is launching on May 3rd, as Samsung themselves confirmed via a press invite, but what about the shop launch? Well, that’s taken care of by rumors, as usual, this time coming from a source of the guys at BGR. My only hope is that these rumors will also be complemented by a leaked photo or video by the end of the month…


So, the unnamed source mentioned above is saying that Samsung will offer at least two storage options for the third Galaxy S unit in the flagship series. We’ll have a 16 GB unit that’s cheaper and a 32 GB one. We wonder why there’s no 64 GB mentioned and if there will be, I guess we can say goodbye to microSD storage. The phone is also supposed to be available in blue/black and white. The retail launch is still a mystery, but it appears that the device will be sold simultaneously all over the globe with major launch events in all countries.

This product will also be tied in with the London Olympics 2012, with cross promotion and stuff. Samsung Galaxy S III will be the official phone of the event and don’t surprised if every gold medalist will get one. And finally, the BGR source says that there will be a 1080p display on board of the Galaxy S III, unbelievable as that may seem at this point. Are we truly ready to go to 1080p, seeing that 720p is starting to catch on?

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