We’ve barely witnessed the launch of the Apple iPad tablet and already info concerning a future generation of the device is pouring in. Turns out that a BGR contact recently checked out the iPad file system and came across the evidence pictured below, showing a future iPad, a new iPod Touch and 4th gen iPhone.

First, we have to mention that internally, Apple uses a coma-based numbering system for its products. Thus, the iPhone 3GS was in fact known as the iPhone2,1, while the 3G version was 1,2 and the very first model was 1,1. As the iPad file system shows, we’ll be seeing iPhone 3,1, 3,2 and 3,3 versions coming this year.

Could we be dealing with 3 versions of the iPhone HD, meant for carriers like A&T, Verizon and one more? Next up, you’ll find the “iPod4,1” on the list, a pretty solid proof that a new device is coming. Also, the iPad 1,1 recently launched will get a follow-up, known as “iProd2,1”. In case you didn’t know, the iPad was initially known as “iProd1,1”, so this kind of confirms its successor, likely to be launched in 2011.

[via IntoMobile]