After a life long time of being customers we found out maybe once too many times that everything that is advertised as being free always bares a price. It is the case with Nokia’s latest service, “Comes with Music” which will be sold along with some attractive handsets especially talented at playing music.


The new Nokia service aims and hits the music market with the possibility of downloading for free an unlimited number of tracks from those which are available. Of course, there is also a catch. “Comes with Music” is available only on several handsets which have a price much over the technology they have to offer.

“Comes with Music” brings unlimited music from the four major music labels and some other independents for the phone’s owner to enjoy. All tracks can be downloaded to a single computer with no additional cost for the transfer.

“Comes with Music” will be globally launched in Britain today. Since the market for portable music is highly receptive, Nokia has reasons to show optimism in the future results.

[via: reuters]

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