Everyone was hyped when the Nokia N8 successor was confirmed by an official of the Finnish company, so we’re all waiting for that beautiful cameraphone to come to life… And now it appears that there’s a manual for a mystery phone leaked out there. Meet the Nokia 803, a handset with a huge camera sensor, that might just be the N8 follow-up everyone is talking about.

This user manual shows us a Symbian Belle device, with a large hump where a 12+ megapixel sensor can be hid, with all the optical goodies one could dream of. All we know about this handset is that it comes with NFC, HDMI and DLNA, but I supposed that 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth are pretty much sure on this phone. Since it’s Belle material, I’m expecting single core processing here, maybe with a frequency over 1GHz, if possible. This is planned to be the greatest cameraphone ever and Unwired View speculates that this smartphone will come with a 3.5 inch WVGA ClearBlack display with Gorilla Glass, 512MB of RAM and a huge camera sensor.

Said sensor will come with optical zoom, which is an incredible feature even for a phone of the modern age. Let’s just hope that the result won’t be a horribly bulky cameraphone, the likes of that Lumix handsets from Asia… with incredible cameras, it’s true, but design does matter nowadays.