Nokia C2-06 is a welcome leak and premiere, since it’s the first Touch and Type series model that’s also a dual SIM handset. Some say that this unit is actually the C2-02, but that’s yet to be confirmed. This phone appeared on the Nokia Conversations blog, in an image that showed the iPv6 transition of the OVI browser.


Considering the way this leak appeared, there are no specifications to check out, but the image is good news on its own. This could still be a leaked prototype that will never reach the market, but certainly hope that’s not the case. It could also be a PR stunt from Nokia, to get people interested in both the new phone and Ovi browser.

Either way, dual SIM fans will be glad that there’s a new phone model around. Other dual SIMs from Nokia were also launched recently – the X1-01 and C2-00.

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