Nokia CLIPit is a very interesting concept, that’s also elegant, since it comes with a Persian turquoise stone encrusted and quite safe, thanks to a finger print as a SIM. This device is seemingly scheduled for 2010 or so and it hangs on to the user by clipping itself to any clothing, purse or even objects.



CLIPit was created by Mohammad Zamani, Ziba Hemmati, Mir Kazem khalifezadeh, Ali Khajuee and Rasul Shokrani and it’s made out of brushed steel and “smart fabrics”, that create a 12 inch screen. The concept phone also features a touch pad dot matrix screen, a steel touchscreen with Light Emitting Diodes incorporated, that generates dynamic buttons.

You can also turn CLIPit into a hands free device, by pulling down its clip and you can connect it to any gadget by clipping the handset to the device. What’s really puzzling about the Nokia concept is its 3 inch flexible cloth screen, that can be turned into a 12 inch display, thanks to the Philips Lumative technology.



[via Concept Phones]

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