While tweeting, Dave Trevaskus, a Senior Training Consultant for Nokia revealed that there’s a Windows Phone Mango device coming and that “it’s going to blow our socks off”. He sounds like he’s already tested it and by “tease them” in the tweet shown below, we can figure out that he might show it to the people he’s training.


I imagine that giving such a device to Eldar Murtazin would only generate tweets such as “Nokia is years away from an iPhone 4” or something like that… In the meantime, people seem really excited about the Windows Phone on Nokia device premiere and regarding the rest of the Nokia segments, it seems that Symbian Belle is ready for a demo at 20:20 Mobile.

Also, there’s “something” coming in Q3-Q4 and it’s viewed as exciting by the same Dave. There’s also talk about a market disrupting device coming soon, maybe during Nokia’s event in June 21?

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