Well, the Nokia US issue is here again… Overpriced handsets strike again and this time we’ll complain about the E7, that’s available right now via Nokia’s online store, priced at $679. This is over $200 more than the N8’s price, that’s sold on the same website for $450.


As if this wasn’t enough, Nokia announced the E7 back in September 2010, so it took a huge amount of time for it to get to the USA. The N8 and E7 are much the same phone, except for the lower megapixel count on the newer model and its sliding QWERTY keyboard and larger display. The hardware is the same, so choosing between the two seems tough, unless you count the price.

There’s another problem: Nokia targets this handset towards business customers, who might as well buy a BlackBerry for a much lower price and with much more tradition in this field. The E7 is not at all a bad device, but for this price, we’d have to skip it, or wait for contract offers.

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