It’s the end of bad news concerning Nokia lately, so finally we can announce something good: the E7 has started shipping internationally and it’s hot! The previously postponed device is finally alive and kicking, destined to reach the pockets of business users and not only them.


Basically, this is a Nokia N8 with a tilting 4 inch screen, a great QWERTY keyboard and the latest version of Symbian. The device used ClearBlack Display technology for extra image quality, deeper blacks and no reflections. At the back there’s a nifty 8MP camera, with full focus, a dual LED flash and the aid of HDMI to bring content you capture to the TV.

16GB of Flash memory store everything you need, while on the business side, you get email, calendar, contacts and tasks, that can be synced via the Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft Communicator Mobile secures corporate IM, while POP/IMAP services will be handled easily. Pentaband communications can also be found on the specs list, for globetrotters.

Beautiful device and start of a great week, that could prove crucial for Nokia!

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