Microsoft and Nokia promised a campaign for Windows Phone devices that will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and even before that begins, we’re stunned to find out that the cooperation of the two is already famous. Why? Well, for example in France the Nokia Lumia 800 is on the first place in the sales charts.


The new Mango OS smartphone surpasses the some Android models, such as the Galaxy S II and even the iPhone 4, as shown n the image above. These stats apply to the sales charts and this is only the beginning. With the N9 looks, Windows Phone Mango user-friendliness and an exciting announcement at Nokia World, the Lumia series has what it takes to take over the market.

The problem here is that Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 aren’t that different from other WP7 devices, so differentiation is a problem that Nokia doesn’t need in this day and age. They’ve justified it, by saying that they came on board too late in the Microsoft boat, for them to change and customize anything in Mango. Maybe in Tango…

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