Be prepared for the first quad core phones, as they might be closer than you think… With the first quad core tablet coming this month, the phones were bound to also arrive pretty soon. Now, sources are saying that the pioneer quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 handsets will come in February 2012.


Originally, we were expecting Tegra 3 tablets at the end of this summer and the first smartphones around Christmas time. Something must have (and probably did) went wrong with the Tegra 3 technology, that was pushed for release on a later date. ASUS Transformer Prime is the first quad core tablet with the Kal-El (Tegra 3) technology on board and only the first of the many models to come.

The thing here is that the trend is to switch away from Nvidia, or so say that experts, who also claim that TI OMAP is the real future for Android devices, at least. And there’s also Intel with very much promise and hope… Now let’s see how the Intel+Windows 8 combo ends up.

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