There’s a test out there done by, that basically compares all types of displays from all famous mobile devices on the market and one surprise was the Nokia Lumia 900. It came out on top of many other models, as far as visibility and outdoor use is concerned.


AMOLED displays are particularly known for their beautiful colours, but also the problems they have in bright sunlight. The first handsets to use AMOLED tech were not good at all outdoors, but the technology evolved and when Super AMOLED was introduced everything changed for the best. Right now AMOLED screens are outperforming the LCDs when it comes to visibility, that’s clear. Back to the Nokia Lumia 900, this one benefits not only from the AMOLED tech it has on board, but also the Nokia Clear Black Display tech, that seems to defeat the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S in a fair fight.

The comparison done by is shown in the image above and it’s pretty clear that the Lumia 900 wins, with 90 points. The Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S scores 80 points and ranks second, while the LCD on the iPhone 4 is third with 77 points. Famous models that are a bit older, such as the Motorola Droid X and HTC Desire score much lower, barely reaching around 20 points, showing us how much AMOLED tech has evolved over the past 2 years.

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