Since Symbian will be used as a catalyst for our passage to Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices, it seems that Finns will also use the good old Maemo to move to MeeGo. It could be that Maemo 6 could be seen on a future device, that will fit in between a smartphone and tablet. A successor for the N900?

It’s interesting to remember that back when Nokia started work on MeeGo, the company claimed that it will leave Maemo behind, while Intel will give up Moblin. The two giants were to focus on MeeGo alone, but now with the whole “not relying on MeeGo anymore” situation at Nokia, Maemo actually looks like a good idea.

Maemo 6 will be compatible with MeeGo 1.2 and this info comes straight from a MeeGo conference in California, so you better believe. The last version of the platform was Maemo 5, seen on the N900, so this will be a follow-up. Back in the days of the N900 fame, the device was ideal for hackers, since  it used a completely open platform, even more than Android, actually.

The lack of consumer apps made it decay, but now it could be give a revamp or an upgrade through a new device.

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