Although Nokia N97 was dissected and analyzed from all points of view till now, there are people who want more and they’ll surely appreciate the opinions and expertise of a Nokia insider.

Enter Axel Meyer, Nokia N Series head designer, who explained the ideas behind N97’s looks in the following interview:

In spite of the fact that the first Nokia touchscreen smartphone is a brilliant piece of gadgetry, it still has its flaws, like the lack of a faster processor and 3D graphic acceleration. Generally Nokia architecture is good, but surely it can be better, as we’ve seen that the company’s rivals, HTC or Samsung pulled out wonderful devices, without so much fuss and years or research.

Another flaw of the N97 is the lack of a Xenon flash on its otherwise hot 5 megapixel camera and I sure hope that they weren’t thinking about saving battery power by excluding this feature… One thing’s for sure: you’ll never hear Nokia officials talking about the handsets’ architecture or their flaws.

[via Symbian Freak]

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