Nokia N8 is one of the hottest devices developed by the Finnish company over the last year. Thus, it would be a pity not to get into its designers’ heads and see what the ideas behind this 12MP cameraphone were. Thus, we have a look at a short but informative video that describes the work of Axel Meyer, Shunjiro Eguchi, Mikko Aarras and Pinja Rouger.


They make up the team that handled the design of the N8 and we learn more about the anodized aluminum case of the handset. Apparently, paint is not “sprayed” on the metal, so it won’t go away with time, instead the metal gets its color through an oxidation process, that also makes the handset shiny.

Notice how sleek the device is and how Nokia managed to integrate the potent 12 megapixel sensor without making the handset bulky. All of these and more are detailed in the video above.

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