Disliking the N86 like we do? Well, in case you’re looking for someone to blame for this poor handset, here’s the man: Kimmo Nahkamaki, product manager at Nokia. He talks about the N86 in the following interview, probably unaware of the public’s general dissatisfaction:


First, we wait for a Nokia 8 MP phone for ages, then it gets leaked in the worst way possible (during MWC and straight into the journalist’s hands). Next day, after the leak, it gets launched and it disappoints everyone with yet another N Series design and no surprising feature at all.

Sure, there’s the 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar optics, the 8GB internal memory and GPS on board, but Samsung was playing this game long before Nokia even started dreaming about touchscreens.

Speaking of which, the N86’s display is rather poor, as we were expecting a touchscreen cameraphone from Nokia, with an unbelievable photo-oriented interface…Eh, maybe next time…

[via YouTube]

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