Since the N8 is showing signs that Nokia’s back on the money making track, we bet that some other cool devices are coming this year. We could say we’re pretty sure, considering the latest leak, showing the company’s roadmap, that includes both the N9 handset and a mystery S-series.

Notice the house-shaped diagram above, showing up on the mobile-review forums. This document is part of an internal presentation and details entry level C-series models, E-series units, mid-range C-series devices and X-series models. Nokia N9 remains a mystery, as does the S-series that appears to be the “chimney” of the house diagram.

Aside from the N9, we found out that Nokia is readying the E7, C7 and X7 models. Also, we won’t be seeing entry level E-series devices and no trace of the X1. Should we expect the S to stand for slate/tablet, maybe one running MeeGo?

[via slashgear]