Mr. Eldar Murtazin is claiming on Twitter that the N9 is not totally dead as we’ve learned two days ago, but rather reshaped into the improved N9-01. Eldar also detailed the new naming scheme applied by Nokia, which you’ll find out after the break.

As far as the N9-01 tests at Mr. Murtazin’s HQ are concerned, this device consumed 50% of its battery in just one hour. Remember, that this is a mere prototype, its speed is OK and the camera is quite good. The price, according to the Mobile Review editor in chief should be 500 EUR. It’s a bit too much, but with a carrier subsidy, it should be OK.

Now to the naming convention: Nokia names its handsets Nx-00, Nx-01, Nx-02 etc, with the N standing for the Series (Nseries, Xseries, Eseries, Cseries, Sseries) and the x being the position on the portofolio. This happened to the Nokia C6-00 and C6-01 for example, with the first having the chance to be discontinued, while the C6-01 still sells.

We’re supposed to believe that the N9-01 is better than the N9 and that more models should be coming. Eldar concludes his new article claiming the he also received a bunch of other mid-range Nokia handsets. We’ll be back with more info soon!