We’ve returned to our lair in order to have fun with HTC HD7, which you can see in the unboxing video below. We were expecting some quality headphones in the box, but they’re far from the brilliant earbuds provided by LG with the Optimus 7 model.


HTC HD7 is a HUGE machine, almost approaching the PSP, if we’re to make a comparison. Its camera is very potent and the kickstand at the back is a nifty addition, making it a perfect video playing machine and a photo frame. What’s peculiar is the system used to remove the back case: you have to find a small opening at the top, then use your fingernails and start pulling the plasticky case away from the device.

Next up we had some trouble with removing the battery, but there’s a tiny strip in there that you’ll simply pull to lift it up. Stroke of genius or confusing? A little bit of both. Well, the content of the box is predictable: loads of booklets, the phone, the battery, the microUSB Cable, the plug socket, headphones and a mini disc with software.

We’ll be back with the full review in a couple of days!

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