In a couple of minutes is going to show you its very own unit of the Nokia N9 for testing purposes. Till then, we give you a couple of vids showcasing the features of this first (and last) MeeGo handset. For starters, the handset survives the cut with a stanley knife.


Some people have claimed that you can’t really compare tests of scratches with knives to days on end with coins in the pocket scratching against the N9 screen. hiro920814 recorded this scratch test, but in the end it’s better to play it safe and use a case or pouch to avoid any problems. By the way, our Nokia N9 came with a protective silicon case, so we’re happy about that.

The other video you need to look into is the one below showing the N9 taking a continuous autofocus video capture, that’s actually quite fast on this device. I can’t wait to shake this device during a concert or something and see how well it behaves in such conditions. Do not forget to stay tuned on GSMDome for the tests to come involving the N9!

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