Well, ever since the first time I saw the Nokia N9 handset I thought that the info about the under 100k units being made was just wrong.. And not only the info, but also the decision from Nokia. Why make so few units of this product, that has great potential? Everyone is talking about the handset and still, some countries won’t get it…


As you can see in the tweets with screenshots in this article, the N9 was cancelled in Hong Kong and its fate is uncertain for the Taiwanese market. China will still get the handset, but as far as Hong Kong goes, Nokia confirmed the product won’t be available locally. As you might be aware, the demand for the N9 has been huge so far, with retailers and carriers already running out of the 64GB versions, all of them reserved.

Eldar Murtazin is claiming that a mere 92k units of the N9 will be made, so this is why Nokia can’t bring the handset to all countries. One of the reasons might be the fact that MeeGo has no future, aside from this phone and potential cooperation between Intel and LG. Unless Facebook buys MeeGo or some other company with too much money to spend, I guess we won’t be seeing another pother device with this OS anytime soon.

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