Last we heard, the Nokia N920 tablet had become famous on the web and already had a launch date and a couple of specs rumoured. Thanks to the folks of, the story was cleared and it was all revealed to be a rumour and a Photoshop work, done by the owner.



After publishing the original post, Nokiaport’s Photoshopped picture was taken by a Chinese website and used to detail a mystery tablet, the Nokia N920. It was presented as a leaked picture on October 15th and all major news sites fell for it, taking the info for real.

The rumours regarding this device mentioned that it incorporates a 4.13 inch capacitive display, it runs Maemo 6 and it lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard. Also, the supposed launch date for Nokia N920 was 2010, but everything didn’t check out in the end, as we’ve come to learn.

[via Tablet News]

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