Remember the conflict between Nokia and Eldar Murtazin? It all began when the star blogger of published a very early review of the Nokia N8 handset, months before it was launched. He criticized its flaws, although it was a prototype he was dealing with. Now, the blogger is back to discuss the issues of the phone again and the ones of Nokia C7, too on his personal blog, but this time Nokia has a reply ready, through one of its officials:


The Finns’ executive vice president, Niklas Savander spoke about the Nokia N8 quality and what the company is doing to make sure that the experience provided by the handset stays top notch for all users. Meanwhile, the web is buzzing with reports regarding the N8 powering down out of the blue, but a limited number of units have been plagued by this issue.

Assembly error was quoted as the reason for N8’s malfunction, but warranty should take care of all problems you may encounter. For now, no issues regarding the C7 were mentioned, but Eldar promised to take care of this and start researching. Nokia continues to promise that if your handset is not repaired in due time, you’ll get a new one.

So… what is the real percentage of damaged units here? Let’s hear Nokia have its say and let the blogging wars aside…

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