There are new hints regarding Nokia HERE’s wearable device project, that involved a brand new smartwatch with HERE branding. Apparently, the product had Android on board and while we may jump straight to its cancelation, there’s more to this story…



It all started in December 2013, when we got wind of a smart wearable device coming straight from the Finnish Nokia. Then late last year, word was out that the HERE Everyday Adventures division was preparing a “stealth product” to launch during the holiday season. Hints pointed toward a Nokia wrist wearable, or better said, a SmartWatch. However, in the meantime HERE started to focus on enterprise, cars and analytics through a B2C strategy.

Well, now there’s a tipster saying the watch was Android based, it had WiFi and cellular connectivity and it was made in China. It was going to be passed through certification processes on a major North American carrier, but there were no names to go by. Prototypes were made and the Chinese partner was ready to start manufacturing the device. So far we didn’t word of a cancelation, but seeing HERE’s new orientation that may be very possible.

via nokiapoweruser

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