Windows Phone 8 is starting to become part of the daily rumors recently, together with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. Now there’s fresh evidence that the latest OS made by Microsoft for mobiles is being tested out there. The latest report comes via DSLReport’s mobile speed test, that shows the user agent of two WP8 units.

One is named Qualcomm Fluid, while the other is the Nokia Fluid. Both have been seen before, but now we have the full user agent confirming their existence and the fact that they run IE10. One of them is a Verizon unit that’s also shown to have LTE, while the T-Mobile handset is a tad slower. The folks of wmpoweruser have also claimed that they’re seeing Windows Phone 8 handsets on the same networks in their very own server logs and that the data they collect points towards resolutions of 768 x 768 and 480 x 480.

Most of the Windows Phone 8 traffic is shown as coming from AT&T, not Microsoft and nothing coming out of Sprint right now. You can see the relevant pages in Google’s cache right here and I really wonder what the deal is with those resolutions… Should we prepare for square 4:3 ratio screens in a combination with physical keyboards?

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