Remember the story here, about the leaked Nokia X7 and E6 promos, that have quickly been set to Private on YouTube? Well, the X7 promo eventually leaked in full, and it’s available below, revealing both the design of the new handset coming to 3 UK and a taste of a new Symbian UI.


Turns out that the 12th April Nokia event will be interesting after all, if the Symbian interface is given a revamp like that. Well, the new interface looks more fluid, widgets seem more flexible and well integrated into the UI and even the icons look more modern. Finally, that browser was given a tweak, making it three times faster than its predecessor, according to the guy in the video.

As far as the Nokia X7 is concerned, we’re dealing with another aluminum case device, with a 4 inch ClearBlack display and an 8 megapixel camera at the back, with support for HD video capture. Wondering what CPU is inside this baby, as a 1GHz one wouldn’t hurt… I guess that tomorrow’s event will reveal more…

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