Nvidia had a stunner at its booth in Barcelona, during MWC 2011: the quad core Kal-El mobile chip. It powered a hot tablet shown in the video below running a PS3 game. Kal-El is accompanied by an Nvidia GPU, a 12 core one that is able to work with the CPU and the result is extreme HD, meaning a 2560 x 1600 resolution.


The clip details this innovation better and for comics aficionados, know that Kal-El is also the real alien name of Superman. According to the officials at the Nvidia booth, there are 600 soldiers on screen at the same time, so if you’re watching the tablet’s gaming experience, know that the quad-core chip is doing an excellent job.

The soldiers’ movement is tracked by the Nvidia chipsets, so this quad core tablet will have impressive processing power. A branding? A release date? Mystery…

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