Last we heard, Nvidia was already working on Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 with the first being ready for H2 2011 debut. Recently, a bunch of analysts from BMO Capital Markets went on a trip to East Asia, visiting over 30 tech companies. Apparently, they all plan on working with Nvidia in 2011, using the Tegra CPU on their products, either smartphones or tablets.

Ambrish Srivastava details this matter and he’s certainly the man to trust, working with BMO Capital Markets as semiconductors analyst. He expects Nvidia chipsets to rule the market next year, as we already learn of dual-core smartphones in the making, either by LG or Motorola. The Tegra line was first introduced in 2008, appealing to many companies due to high processing power and low consumption.

We’ve already seen a Motorola tablet with Tegra 2 on board and Android 3.0 and it looks stunning. The Android-Nvidia combo is surely appealing, but what would happen if the rumored Windows 8 would pair with the likes of Tegra 3?

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