You can find out all there is to know about Opera Mobile 10, available as a beta version for Windows Mobile, from the presentation video below. We’re dealing with an intuitive browser that handles touchscreen handsets perfectly:


Opera Mobile 10 uses an intuitive and comfy interface, with a very cool Speed Dial feature, allowing the user to access his favorite sites with a single click. The navigational bar from the lower side of the screen includes the options “Back”, “Forward”, “Reload”, “Tabs” and “Tools”, with the last one also allowing the user to access more options, like “Bookmarks”, “History”, “Find in page” and “Settings”.

The browser uses visual tabs, in order to manage the website you’ve already visited, with the advantage of seeing them as small thumbnails/previews. Opera Mobile 10 also provides support for zooming in, kinetic scrolling and it also includes Opera Turbo, that’ll save cash for people with expensive data plans, by compressing data.

[via wmpoweruser]

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