If you’re in dire need for a projector to suit your iPhone/iPod, the solution comes from MiLi Pro through the device you can check out below. This sleek black and blue accessory will host your device and fulfil your projecting needs, either for business or pleasure.



The gadget’s site claims that the product is out of stock, but they’ll probable get more units before Xmas… we hope. MiLi Pro is an iPhone/iPod compatible, rechargeable micro video projector that also includes a speaker system. The accessory uses the latest LCOS, LED driven micro projector, displaying 640 x 480 resolution images on any surface.

There’s a focus wheel on board for extra fine tuning and you can scale the iPhone’s video up to 40 inch viewing. A bunch more specs here: 10 lumens brightness, 3 hours of charging time, 20,000 hours of LED lifetime, RCA and VGA input sources.

[via phonesuit]

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