Almost 2 weeks ago, Palm Pre hit the Sprint shops and it continues to be a hit after selling tens of thousands of units in the first weekend. The device gets checked out by the folks of Phone Arena, who give you a tour of the phone’s features in the following video review:


The main appeal of this handset is not the QWERTY keyboard-touchscreen combo, but rather the webOS platform, based on a very basic web coding system, that makes the developer’s work easier. It’s not just the software that’s impressive, but also Pre’s design. As Phone Arena claims, Palm Pre provides a great feeling in the user’s hand.

The smartphone comes with a design with many curves, inspired by the look of river stones. We’re dealing with an ergonomic phone, as opposed to the wide and almost rectangular iPhone. However, Palm Pre is a tad thicker, because of the full QWERTY keyboard, similar to the one on Treo Pro, so users with big fingers will have a hard time getting used to the keys.

This issue will be solved through 2 or 3 days of training. The 3.1 inch multi touch display is brilliant, supporting a 320 x 480 pixels resolution and fitting in with the rest of handset’s body. Also, the screen supports pinching and other similar gestures, plus it uses an intuitive interface, like the one on the iPhone.

For more info on Pre and the full review, check out this address.

[via Phone Arena]

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