Palm Pre is still making waves online, as everyone watches the keynote that accompanied its introduction over and over again. We know everything there is to know about this superb smartphone, except for the price tag. Rumours claim it’ll hit the market for about $99, with a max of $399, but it’s all speculation…



Sprint will be selling the Pre and Eldar Murtazin from recently quoted a source of his, claiming that the device will be sold for $399 with a contract, changing the statement afterwards and saying that the handset would go for that price, but without a contract. Sprint refused to give any details on the price of the new Palm, mentioning that it has not been set yet.

Judging from the fact that iPhone sells for $190 and HTC G1 goes for $180, Palm Pre should fall in the $150-$250 category. The only problem is that this is quite a hot device and Palm will probably want to take advantage of its appeal… Will we see an XPERIA-like pricing or something more decent?

[via informationweek]

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