In case you’re afraid of the H1N1 Pandemy Flu virus, there’s a neat piece of software for you, that recognizes your current location, thanks to the GPS receiver in your phone and downloads the registered flu cases. Afterwards, you’ll be informed which are the closest flu cases near your location.


The alerts will be shown through red screens, vibrations and special sounds. You should know that this software runs on any Windows Mobile phone, regardless of the incorporated display type. Only the initial flu case download report is visible to the user, the following processes being done automatically and without the user’s contribution.

There’s also the option of setting the alert distance range, so that you’ll know when there’s a new flu case in your radius. Also, the user can set his or her location, so he’ll save battery by not using the GPS receiver. Keep in mind that H1N1 Pandemy Flu reports require an Internet connection in order to be downloaded.


This program bears the name of H1N1.ALERT, it’s freeware and not authorized by WHO (World Health Organization), so it doesn’t use the info from their sources. You can download the .EXE file and install it on the phone via PC from here or the .CAB files from here and install it directly on your phone.

[via jgui]