MWC 2009 was not all about high tech mobile devices, like the Toshiba TG01 or Sony Ericsson Idou, but also innovative handsets destined to niche markets, like the segment of elderly folks. Doro showed the public such a device, that’s a very basic phone, with large keys and high volume.



Doro’s new handset supports Bluetooth and comes with a necklace cord, so it can stay with its user anytime, anywhere. The company also displayed HandlePlus 334gsm, a cellphone that features an emergency button, just in case. These new devices are easy to use and setup, plus the senior citizens will have the option of programming 4 separate numbers into buttons on the phone.

Sending text messages, making/receiving calls and even playing games are still available and know that Doro has some more phones ready, aside from the one mentioned above: 338gsm, 342gsm and 345gsm.


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