During CES 2010, we missed a bunch of pico projectors that are starting to look pretty good right now, specially considering that at least one of them is able to project an image with a 60 inch diagonal. First, here’s a pico projector attached to a video camera and shown in action here:


The folks of PicoProjector-info messed with these devices during CES and the first gadget you can see in action above is a Texas Instrument model, attached to a camcorder and pointing backward from the filming direction. The second projector is incorporated into a Samsung w9600 handset and gets shown in the video below.

The W9600 is a compact phone, that’s also lightweight and its projector is able to display images of more than 60 inches, but only depending on the lighting conditions. There’s also a 5 megapixel camera aboard the handset, a high resolution AMOLED touchscreen display and a glossy design.

[via engadget]

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