Qualcomm recently announced some goodies for 2011, among them being the Qualcomm Adreno 300 series, that’s supposed to boost gaming performance on portable devices. The company claims that your smartphone will have the graphical power of an Xbox 360 or PS3, that sounds like sci-fi talk at the moment.


Also, the chipset maker unveiled a brand new 28nm dual core system-on-a-chip, MSM8960, that will provide 5 times the performance of the original Snapdragon, while consuming 75% less power. This product is supposed to ship in 2011 and it’ll include modules for FM radio, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi, as usual, plus a multi-model LTE/3G modem.

The first next-gen unit to be expected from Qualcomm is their 1.5GHz Snapdragon version that should arrive in the following months.

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