We’ve seen one or two potential leaks of the Sony Xperia XA (2017) over the past month, with the device appearing in GFXBench as the Sony Pikachu and also in a hands on video last month. Both times we weren’t sure we were actually dealing with the new Xperia XA, since the specs were quite good. And today the device gets certified by the FCC.

Turns out that the device codenamed “84773W” got certified by the FCC, being confirmed as compatible with FDD-LTE and WCDMA, as well as Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. The device also has LTE-Advanced support, and a 2300 mAh battery, which is the same capacity the Xperia XA had. Once again, we’re not 100% sure this is the Xperia XA (2017), but the odds in favour are good.

Previously we thought this device would end up as the Xperia G3112 with a 5 inch or 5.2 inch screen and a MediaTek Helio P20 CPU. We could also see a 21 or 23 megapixel camera on board, a screen with narrow bezels like the predecessor (or even slimmer), plus 3 GB of RAM. Android Nougat is a given and the price should be closer to $300 than $200.

via blogofmobile

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