Usually rugged Windows Mobile devices pack some strange feature like a barcode scanner or SOS functionality, that make them suitable for people working in tough environments or soldiers. However, there’s one handset that suits the general public as well and it’s a rugged phone I’m talking about, QiGi AK007.



Well, general public or not, the handset seems targeted at “cops in need of a tough smartphone”, so one might even think about using the device as a weapon. Moving on to its specs, AK007 comes with Windows Mobile 6.1, 256MB of ROM, GPS, a 2 MP camera and 128 MB RAM.

There’s also support for CDMA or GSM/EDGE connectivity included on the specs list, plus a QVGA display, which make the phone pretty average and help it stray from the definition of “high end”.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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