Handsets using Qualcomm’s FLO TV broadcasts will be able to record shows off the air, says Qualcomm in a recent press release. Apparently, AT&T and Verizon already sell two devices with TV features, while Qualcomm includes in its portofolio a $200 portable TV set. Audiovox Corp sells an in-car entertainment system, with FLO TV support, so their product will get TV show recording, too.


Mobile TV isn’t popular in the US or Europe, well, not at the level it has reached in Asia. Qualcomm announced that it plans on launching the new feature in H2 2010, giving users more flexibility. Video recording allows the users to watch the favourite shows whenever and wherever. Service can be bought by day, instead of subscriptions that cost a bunch, for a dozen channels.

Interactive features will also be available thanks to the new service, allowing viewers to click on the screen for more info, or buy an advertised product.

[via Cellular News]

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