Following special negotiation between Apple, Quanta Computer and Foxconn, Quanta has decided to borrow 3000 workers from Foxconn to take on the extra workload caused by the Apple Watch.



For now Foxconn and Quanta haven’t commented on this fresh partnership. Cooperation between Quanta and Foxconn has made investors very interested in the evolution of the Apple Watch production. The name Inventec also came up at some point. It appears Quanta’s defect-free rate is below expectations and that’s plaguing production, so more workers were needed.

Things have to speed up, because the Apple Watch debuted on stage this week on March 9th and it’ll be up for preorder on April 10th, with a delivery date scheduled two weeks later. Rumor has it that Quanta’s defect-free rate is now below 30%. Should we expect product shortages?


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