Even if the chances that future smartphones to arrive on the market under Nokia branding are pretty low, today, through a public statement from Rajeev Suri, chief executive of the Finnish company, we get to know that the brand could return on other devices, a launch event being scheduled for November 17.



During a investors meeting that took place in London, Rajeev Suri said that in this moment the company is looking forward to find methods of licensing of Nokia brand through some other companies, method chosen instead build a new mobile start-up. He also said that the brand licensing represent a long time opportunity.

By taking this decision, other electronics developers could use the Nokia brand on their products, while the Finnish company will be paid for licensing. However, for the moment, we don’t have high hopes that Nokia will show up for smartphones, but on other electronic devices instead. What do you think Nokia will launch on November 17?

via: reuters.com

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