AS you know, the nano SIM standard is in the process of actually becoming a real thing on real devices, but before that big phone makers must agree on the standard technology. Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola have their own vision of how this new slot should look and only RIM and Motorola have found common ground so far.


They’ve reached a compromise regarding the new design, that’s supposed to please all other companies involved. The revised design was submitted yesterday and it goes something like in the image above. A while ago Nokia complained that the Apple design would cause blocks, as it removes the plastic edges. SIM maker G&D revised the design and added small borders to avoid jams, but still the parties wouldn’t agree on this format either. Moto and RIM reached Apple and proposed a solution to combine designs into one, with Samsung’s support.

Apple is open to the idea, but they’re not sure it can be done. Of course, the new design still carries a lot from Apple’s original blueprint, with only 20% of the extra work being done by RIM, Motorola and Nokia. It appears that the new SIM will act much like a microSD cad, having a notch on the side that allows it to be pushed and pulled from the slot.

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