I guess that the end of June 2012 is the moment when everyone realized that Research in Motion is actually a dying patient, not someone in need of a transplant. The company just announced that they’ll let an extra 5,000 employees ago, added to the 2,000 cuts already announced. And worst of all, the product they took so much pride in over the past month, BB 10 OS will be delayed…


The platform is now scheduled to arrive in 2013, which is a real bummer, since that means that we might go through the entire year of 2012 without a single new RIM phone. This disaster could end with RIM getting bought for pennies, as its value keeps dropping. Samsung, Microsoft and Facebook have all been mentioned as buyers over the past year, but still they won’t sell. Firing 7,000 people in 2 months, changing the management a couple of times lately and not offering even 100k in your app store is a huge problem nowadays.

BB10 OS was the last hope for the Canadian company and now we’ll learn their move during the company’s conference call for earnings, that should happen soon. There are two options here: RIM starts working in other fields, focuses solely on software or they just sell the whole business.

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