While some of us could have sworn that Windows Mobile was dead and buried by now, the figures published by Canalys for the Q3 2008 smartphone market show that Symbian’s in deep trouble. It had a 21.5% drop of its marketshare and a 12.4% drop in shipments, as you can see in the table below:

Windows Mobile surprised everyone with a 42.9% growth in sales (YoY) plus it gained a bit of marketshare, burying Symbian, the only rival who lost sales in this period. There were about 1.6 million extra WM devices sold (YoY), due mostly to HTC and Samsung’s hot smartphones and their popularity.

iPhone 3G also has some impressive figures, now taking second place, after Symbian and shipping 6.9 million units (2 million of those might still be in stores). However we do know that Apple plans on cutting Q4 production by 40%, as it has overproduced and overshipped units in Q3.

[via wmpoweruser]

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