Calling when on board of an airplane seems to be less of a threat than people have been told. Or at least that’s what Ryanair’s initiative shows, now that they allow passengers to place in-flight mobile calls on 14 of its 166 aircrafts.


Of course, there are limitations. Only six passengers at any one time will be able to make a call. It won’t be cheap, either. The costs will be of almost USD 4 per minute, depending on the destination.

Pandora’s Box has just been opened and there are high chances that many other airline companies will follow the Ryanair initiative in order to be competitive. It’s a pretty courageous decision to take, as the safety of placing mobile phone calls when on board of a plane is still pretty much disputed. Still, seek of profit should bring such services in the offer of many companies from all around the world.

[via: intomobile]

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