Sagem is not a buried brand after all, since it’s been reborn as Sagemcom and it has launched the Spiga handset, a combo between a phone and an UMPC. Some may call this “the smallest PC in the world” and the device is expected to hit Vodafone soon.



Spiga measures 16 cm in length, 9.4 cm in width, it’s under 2 cm thick and it packs a 4.8 inch display. The UMPC runs Windows XP thanks to an Intel Atom 1.1 GHz CPU and it also comes with support for WiFi and 3G connectivity. A 24GB SSD is also on board, together with a card reader with support for cards of up to 16GB.

The product is available in Turkey right now, via Vodafone, retailing for 499 euros and we really wonder if this product will be able to rival Nokia’s 3G Booklet, going for 700 euros?


[via mobilissimo]

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